I am currently working on establishing an open source online platform for documenting the history of the oil city Abadan in Iran in texts, visuals, maps, videos, art and sound. Stay tuned for more on this – and please contact me if you, your relatives or anyone in your network is interested in contributing. The website will contain pictures of old Abadan and memorabilia, essays on aspects of Abadani history and culture, interactive maps, and an oral history component. For the latter, I am looking for potential interviewees who have lived in Abadan.

For now, you can read the first installment of my three-part essay on “Abadan: Oil City Dreams and the Nostalgia for Past Futures” over at Ajam Media Collective.

I also have two book chapters on two events in Abadan’s urban history:

‘On Lines and Fences: Labour, Community and Violence in an Oil City’ in Urban Violence in the Middle East: Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation-State  edited by Ulrike Freitag, Nelida Fuccaro et al (Berghahn: to be published March 2015).

‘War of Clubs: Struggle for Space and the 1946 Oil Strike in Abadan’ in Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East, edited by Nelida Fuccaro (Stanford University Press: to be published ultimo 2015).

You can also read a work-in-progress based on a paper – The World’s Biggest Refinery and the Second World War; Khuzestan, Oil and Security (link) – I gave at the International Conference on the Comparative Social Histories of Labour in the Oil Industry, convened by Drs. Touraj Atabaki and Kaveh Ehsani, The International Institute of Social HIstory in Amsterdam, 13-16 June 2014.

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